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Read Across America #BlogWithFriends

Welcome to March's Blog with Friends Round-up. Each month, participating bloggers choose a theme, and create a unique post based on that theme. Each post will be different and connected to the theme in whichever way the blogger chooses. This month's theme is 'Read Across America'. When I heard the theme, I knew I had to participate. I had just been to the Scholastic Book Fair, at Gigi's school. So, here I am, giving my addition to the round-up. Blog with Friends posts can include any number of things, from poetry to short stories, to recipes and crafts, to DIY instructions and long winded rants, and anything in between. Once you've read mine, I do hope you go check out the wonderful offerings, from the other talented participants.

I am a bookworm. I have always been one, and likely always will be. Reading has always been magical to me, from the very first moment I was able to read. Books are these amazing adventures to me. I am not sure if it is simply because I just love to read, or if my overactive imagination has fueled my love somewhat. I just know that from the very moment I learned how to read, it has been one of my very favorite things to do.

I think I was lucky, in that I had a great teacher, who taught me to read, and the process went smoothly. Gigi is going through the process right now, and she is doing well, and making us proud. She also has a great imagination. Every Thursday, I volunteer with the after school reading club, for Second Graders at Gigi's school. I love watching the kid's improve at their reading skills, and fall in love with books. 

I was sad to learn that second and third graders, seem to struggle the most, and that many of the kids do not advance beyond the reading level they reach by third or fourth grade. So, that is how our club formed. We are working to help increase the literacy of our second graders, and set them up to advance further beyond their current level, in the years to come. We are already seeing a 50% to 100% improvement in our kids. Gigi has not shown much of an interest in joining in, so I just let her watch and relax during reading club, but I am secretly hoping she asks to join in soon. 

Literacy is so important, and our children all deserve a bright future. I encourage you all, to read with the kids in your life. Volunteer with reading programs, if you are able. Donate to local schools and libraries. During our school's book fair, teachers submitted wish lists, of books they wanted for their classroom's, and us parents could buy and donate the book's off their lists. It was so fun. 

Gigi attends a title one school, where nearly all the students qualify for free or reduced lunches, and the family incomes are not very in tune with the cost of living. So, in the two years of her attending this school, I have learned a lot about funding and ways to help. I highly encourage you all, to get involved with your local schools. If you can help with money donations, book donations, or supply donations, that is amazing. However, I have learned that the best donation is your time. All kids can benefit from reading clubs, and access to books. If your school does not have one, start it. 

I am so serious. I have learned so much, about how important a child's literacy level is, and how much brighter their futures become, with the better their literacy level, and the higher the number of books they've read. So, I am on a mission, to give Gigi access to as many books as possible, and I plan on buying from every book fair her school has, and to continue the tradition of Santa bringing the gift of new books. I hope to be able to report an increase of 100% to 200% next time. I am so proud of our reading group kiddos, and how hard they are working. It amazes me, that I get praised for simply reading books with kids. As a book worm, I am pretty sure I enjoy it just as much, and possibly even more, than the kiddos. I am beyond grateful for all the books I get to read. My inner book worm is beyond happy. The fact that each week, a second grader becomes more likely to attend college, is just the cherry on top of my happiness sundae. 

Gigi wanted me to share all the newest additions to her home library. I secretly hope we one day live in a house big enough, to expand the size of her library, to be the size of a whole room, complete with some comfy reading nooks. A reader can dream.

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Find the Baby

Welcome to February's Blog with Friends Round-up, a blogging challenge hosted by Karen from Baking in a Tornado. Each month we choose a topic, and then we all create our own unique posts, based on that month's chosen theme. This month we chose "Mardi Gras". Each blogger's post can be anything their heart desires, and their imagination can dream up. It is up to us to interpret the theme any way we like. Posts can include anything from poetry, short stories, craft projects, DIY projects, art projects, and anything in between. The limits are endless, and it gets quite interesting each month.

Embee with One Month Old Gigi

If I am honest, I feel like Blog with Friends, really opens the doors for the participating bloggers to create projects. I am not good at blogging about projects, or even doing projects, so I tend to be the more boring of the bloggers that participate. This month, may just be my most boring post yet. However, the very moment I heard about the theme being Mardi Gras, I thought of something, and I decided I just needed to share it. I am sharing more for myself, than the readers.

My life has been one heckuva ride. Seriously. It has been fun, scary, sad, and everything in between. When I was younger, and I first learned about Mardi Gras, I knew I immediately wanted to go there one year. To be honest, I have always been drawn to New Orleans. I honestly would LOVE to live there. When I got older, and learned more about Mardi Gras, I quickly decided I wanted to make it a yearly tradition. 

I do not know how you imagined adulthood would be, but I had definite ideas about what being an adult would be like for myself. I can honestly say, it has been absolutely nothing like anything I had imagined. Seriously, NOTHING at all like how I had imagined it would be, and not just because I just turned 37, and I have still never been to New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Yes, if you now think I have lived my life completely wrong, I tend to agree.

However, one of my most prominent Mardi Gras memories involves French class and a King Cake. Have you ever had a King Cake?! Honestly, I think they are awesome. I really hope to enjoy some one day, in New Orleans, on Mardi Gras, but if not, it is okay.

For some reason, whenever I think of Mardi Gras, the first thing that comes to mind is my Pamela and the King Cake I made. It was such a fun experience. Our French teacher gave us a recipe, and we had to translate it to English, and make it. It happened to be a recipe for a King Cake. It was such a fun experience. I am pretty sure it tasted awful, and I possibly got some of it wrong, but it was truly beautiful. I wish I had pictures to share.

Pamela was my adoptive mum, who I lived with for a while, until I turned 18 and clung fiercely to being an adult and moved out, and began making my own (terrible) decisions. I translated the ingredients, and she went to the store, to get everything for me, while I worked on translating the directions. I finally finished, but I was so confused. I actually had to call my teacher, and apologized for asking, but told her that if I did not ask questions, I probably would not be able to safely make anything. Sometimes, when translating another language into English, the translation is too literal. That was the case with two parts of the recipe. The first too literal of a meaning was the lemon zest. I do not remember exactly what it translated to, but it was not to zest a lemon, but more like putting the peels of a lemon in. So, she explained my translation was good, but too literal. 

The second part was more humorous. I could not figure out why I was supposed to bake a baby into the cake. I was certain I had translated wrong. I hadn't. I just needed to understand the baby in question, was a tiny, plastic baby. The whole point was for someone to randomly receive the plastic baby, in their piece of the King Cake, and therefore have good luck all year. I was absolutely amazed by the odd, but fun tradition, and we set out to find a plastic baby, to be our lucky baby Jesus. It was honestly so fun. It wasn't as yummy as I had hoped, but as I said, it really was so pretty. My favorite colors are green and purple, and that probably has something to do with why I love Mardi Gras.

Pamela loved my cake. She absolutely loved it. She was so supportive of me. Plus, with her and Rosemary as my adoptive mums, I had everything I needed, and much of what I wanted, for the first time in my life. Looking back, I see that fact so clearly. I saw it then too, but instead of feeling grateful and happy, I felt like a burden, and that led to some of the terrible choices I made, once I was an adult.

Pamela unfortunately passed away in 2006, before I was able to truly make amends with her, and I regret that every day, but I look back at my time with her so fondly. I am so grateful she was in my life. I am grateful for all the ways she built me up, rather than tearing me down. Like the day I made the King Cake, and gave her a piece of the "extra", and rather than say it was garbage, she ate it and smiled, and congratulated me on doing such a wonderful job translating the recipe. She also calmed my nerves, and convinced me I would get an A. 

I think I got a B, and that was probably over generous. It really did taste awful. It was dry and weird. I have had a few King Cakes since, and can honestly say, none of them were remotely like mine. Part of my heart is sad, remembering back to this memory, but more than anything, I am grateful. Grateful I experienced it, grateful I can remember it, and grateful for my Pamela.

Oh, coincidentally, I found the baby. It was quite fitting, considering that was probably one of the best years of my life.

Do you like Mardi Gras? Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Have you ever had King Cake?

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Welcome to the first Blog with Friends of 2020. This is a blogging round-up, that is the brilliant idea of Karen of Baking in a Tornado, and in done monthly. Each month a theme is selected, and participants create a post based on the theme, and can be any type of post they'd like.

This month's theme was New Years. Quite appropriate.

If you follow my Facebook page, you've probably realized I've been MIA. Since losing my dad, I've been on the struggle bus. I thought it was starting to get better, but the one year anniversary seemed to knock me back. Death is a choppy sea of emotions and pain, and I imagine it's hard to navigate, even for the most experienced people.

So, as I enter this new year, I have so much on my mind. I have been wanting to get back into writing blogs, and to restart my daily Facebook posts, but I'm still struggling.

As 2020 was approaching, I knew I needed to figure out what I wanted to do, about the blog challenges I participate in each month. I knew I wanted to continue, but I could not get myself to officially commit or submit my prompts. When I saw the post about January's BWF, I knew it was just the first step I needed. It was my place to start.

So here I am, starting my 37th year of life, creating this post, to say I'm back. No, new year new me stuff, for now. Same old me, just older, and still chugging along. I'm trying to adjust to life without my dad, and life with the knowledge his death gave me, and mostly I'm just winging it.

I do not know what this year will hold for my blog, but I do know that it is still going. I'm not done writing, at least not yet. I still have a few blog posts in me, that I need to get out, and then we will see where it goes from there.

I have a tiny job now, helping an amazing friend with her business. I'm finding being a personal assistant interesting. I like it. I'm still getting used to it, but I definitely enjoy it. Plus, my boss is amazing.

Gigi is just plain wild. She's my free-spirited, wild child. I'm trying hard to keep her on a good path, without stifling her, but it's mighty hard. I lose more than I win, but I keep trying.

Several big things may happen this year, and I'll most likely bring y'all along.

So, I'm still here. You did not get rid of me that easily. I'm embracing 37 and 2020, and holding on tight.

Also, it may interest you, that I FINALLY had a birthday party. It was awesome. I could get used to it. I definitely didn't hate it.

How is 2020 starting for you?! Any fun plans?!

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Spoonfuls of Wishes #BlogWithFriends

Welcome to September's Blog with Friends Round-up. Each month, participating bloggers choose a theme, and create a unique post based on that theme. Each post will be different and connected to the theme in whichever way the blogger chooses. This month's theme is 'Wishful Thinking'. When I heard the theme, I knew I had to participate. I have been scribbling down thoughts about a post for weeks, and though I know it won't add much to the round-up, I had more than once told myself it was wishful thinking on my part. So, here I am, giving my addition to the round-up. Blog with Friends posts can include any number of things, from poetry to short stories, to recipes and crafts, to DIY instructions and long winded rants, and anything in between. Once you've read mine, I do hope you go check out the wonderful offerings, from the other talented participants.

A short time ago, I went to the movies, and watched the extended release of "A Star is Born". I honestly had no idea what the movie was about, and had not gone to see the original release, but decided to see it, after seeing Gaga and Bradley perform together. I was amazed the he could sing so well, and she had me hooked. I had to see her act and hear him sing. I was warned a tiny bit, that it was emotional, but I genuinely found myself unprepared in the end.

It really gripped me for a while. I wasn't entirely sure why. I am so not Gaga or Ally. I cannot sing or dance. I am so not a star. I can honestly say, I am grateful, I have never had a Bradley/Jackson in my life. I would not have minded, just would have hoped for a different outcome. (On a totally unrelated side note, I have prayed for a Sam Elliot, or just HIM in my life since I was young, and sad to say, it never happened, but I loved seeing him in the movie!) So, I was not sure why I was so taken by the movie, but it truly touched me. I have listened to the soundtrack often and thoroughly. I really enjoyed it all, as a package, and have planned to watch other versions in the future.

A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany of sorts. It happened as we were cleaning house on a Saturday. I knew since the first time I heard it, that "Remember Us This Way" was my song for Chad. Down to the fact he was born in Arizona, and we reside in California, and if you have heard it, you understand that. I had put on the soundtrack, and was cleaning our bedroom, and reliving the movie, while letting the songs washed over me.


Suddenly I understood. I finally understood, what my subconscious had obviously known, that I had not figured out yet. I suddenly understood exactly why the movie hit me so hard, down to my soul. I just had to throw out the norms and really get to the heart of the matter. I am no Gaga. Chad is no Bradley. However, I am a Jackson and Chad is an Ally. Once I stopped trying to relate to gender, and thought about relating to the characters, it all made sense.

I told Chad what I realized. It would have been easier, if he had seen the movie, but I explained it as best as I could, and in terms of he and I, so that he would understand. I unloaded baggage I have been holding in for years. I also made him listen to "Remember Us This Way". REALLY listen to it. I cried so many tears.

If you haven't watched the movie, you may want to skip this next bit. If you have watched the movie, you know that Jackson has a chronic ailment, and he tries to overcome the impact it has on him, and the struggles of treating it cost (not talking money) him so very much, including his life. He loves Ally, but he feels like nothing but a burden. He medicates to function, and over-medicates to handle the weight of it all. He holds it all in. He doesn't reveal his soul to Ally, most probably because he does not want to be more of a burden, than he already is.

Ally loves him. She loves him despite it all, and she'd do anything for him, though she never truly understands him and his innermost battles and struggles.

Ultimately, he felt like he was dead-weight, weighing her down, and he ends his own life.

I get that. To the core of my being, I truly understand the struggles on chronic illness, and the burden and  pain, of feeling like you are no good for the very people you love. I even understand having to take medicines, just to be able to function on a basic level. I understand the want to end life, and end being a burden on the very people you care the most about.

Y'all.... I totally get this movie. I GET it. I get him. I get Jackson. I so get it.

So, explaining how I feel to Chad, was difficult and freeing.

However, it is hard to explain something to someone, who has never experienced it. So, I relied on the spoon theory. If you have anyone in your life, who is chronically ill, I recommend looking into the spoon theory, and trying to get some understanding.

Basically, what it is saying, is that everyone has a supply of spoons, to accomplish the necessary and desired tasks, of that day. Everything the person does, uses up their spoons, and different activities require varied numbers of spoons. The amount of spoons a person has, and how many spoons tasks takes, varies from person to person. Healthier people tend to have more spoons and require fewer spoons per task.
Chronically ill and temporarily ill people, tend to have a limited spoon supply, and tasks take more spoons to complete.

For example, maybe taking a shower for myself, required three spoons, and for Chad, it only requires half of a spoon. Tasks taking more spoons for some people, possibly would not be quite so bad, if everyone had a large supply of spoons. I know, for me, my spoon supply varies, depending on how well I am.

So, something as simple as a shower, probably seems easy peasy lemon squeezy, for a healthy individual, but could be beyond daunting for a Spoony (Chronically ill person, that generally has a limited spoon supply daily). That day in particular, as we were cleaning up our bedroom, and putting away laundry, I had Chad bring me a box of books from my favorite author, and I (finally) put them up on the shelf, I had Chad hang in our room.

He got the heavy box down, off the top of the hallway linen cabinet, carried it to me, and I placed the books on the shelf. I was instantly overjoyed, that my books were finally where I wanted them, and my heart was happy. Chad remarked on my excitement, and said I could have done such a simple thing, on any given day. Obviously, he cannot understand something he's never experienced, especially if I've never told him detailed explanations of it.

I told him to remember that moment. How, for me, getting my books onto the shelf was monumental, but to him seemed like no big deal. I explained how, I have a minimal spoon supply, and since injuring my Meniscus, I had even fewer. I told him, the book task probably took him only part of one spoon, but had I gotten the box down, carried it to the bedroom, and shelved the books, it would have required multiple spoons, and I probably wouldn't have even been able to get them off the cabinet.

I try to save my spoons for super important things, and I use them carefully. I remember when I had a seemingly limitless supply of spoons, tasks took partial to one or two spoons, and I'd often have some left at the end of the day, and that was with purposely adding in extra activity, to maintain my health. I miss those days. If I had known I would have a limited spoon supply one day, I'd have taken the little things less for granted, and I'd have done more.

Despite how impossible it seems, I keep hoping that one day, I'll start having more spoons on a daily basis, so I no longer have to ask for so much help, or put off doing simple things, so that I have enough spoons for more valued activities. It is sad, when simple tasks, like eating, bathing, using the restroom; requires so much effort, that they often lead to feeling triumphant once complete.

I know that it's just wishful thinking, that one day I'll have an increased daily spoon supply, and simple tasks, will once again be simple. I cannot help it. I am an eternal optimist, who not only thinks anything is possible, but also believes in miracles.

How about you, what do you have wishful thinking about?!

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Simple and Sweet #UseYourWords

Welcome to August's Use Your Words writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked four to six words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

My words are:
hardwood ~ monster ~ VCR ~ bicycle ~ boys ~ motorcycle

They were submitted by: (Thank you for the magnificent words!!)

I am going to keep today's post, as short and sweet as possible. By no means due to the words not inspiring me, but possibly because they inspire me so much. If I wrote everything these words brought to mind, I would probably spend hours at my computer crying, and not all sad tears. 

The very first vision I saw in my mind, when I read these words, were my cousins and I running along the hardwood, wrap around porch, at my Uncle Ricky and Aunt Jackie's house. The boys would chase the girls. The girls would chase the boys. We would all take turns sitting on Uncle Ricky's motorcycle, while everyone else made sure no adults were coming. We would play monster games, cops and robbers games, tag, taking turns riding on the bicycles, hide and go seek, and just plain had fun. 

We are all growing older and memories fade, and things change, and people go away, and others pass on. Life changes. Journeys take us elsewhere. I think it is beautiful, that in our minds, we can revisit days long gone. Memories nearly forgotten, and just reminisce in their purity. Enjoy the unbridled joy that they bring us.

In so many ways, those were the best days of my life. I was loved. I was safe. I was surrounded by family. I had my Daddy. I had fun. I laughed. People loved me. Of course, my cousins and I did not always show that love, but let someone else mess with any of us, and see what happened. Trust me, we loved each other, no matter how much we annoyed one another.

I really grew up with my second cousins. My dad did not have me until he was forty. By then my first cousins, had kids my age. As was custom, I did not just walk around calling my older adult, first cousins by their name. They were Uncle Ricky and Aunt Jackie. I knew they were my cousins, but there was a respect there, due to the difference in age. I am an adult now, and they are still Uncle Ricky and Aunt Jackie. 

Their kids have kids, and they are growing up, just like we did. Loved, safe, and together. I hope they enjoy these days. Before long they will be gone. People will be gone. Memories will be faded. The important things will be distorted. At least, I know they will never, ever forget the love. I can close my eyes, and still feel it wrap around me. All the love I was shown. That kind of love, it can never be forgotten. 

I wish I had our old VCR, and all the VCR tapes. I would love to spend hours and hours just watching those days. I remember thinking how silly it was to film everything, and now I would give anything to have those tapes. Those visual memories, to sit, and help sharpen my mental memories. Those were the days. We have advanced so much, but those simpler days.... Those were the days. Simple, sweet, perfect.

I wish I could go back, and tell younger me, to really  soak in and enjoy those days. Focus on all the good, because there is SO MUCH good, and let the bad go. I grew up, and I spent years focused on the bad, and looking back now, I see those were not the important parts. It was all the good, that deserved focus and remembering. At least I remember them now. A bit too late, as it had a huge impact on my relationship with my Daddy, and I would love to change that. I would love to redo it, letting all that good, be what had the impact on our relationship, especially in the final years.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Reckless Voyage #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to August's Secret Subject Swap. This week eight awesome bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:
You're shipwrecked or lost somewhere. What three items are your musts?

It was submitted by: (Thank you for such a fun subject!!)

I have never not liked a Secret Subject I have been assigned over the years, based on merit. I think they have all been excellent. Some I have struggled with, because I have difficulty in turning them into a decent blog post, but that is actually the beauty of these challenges we do.... being actually challenged by the prompt/theme/words/picture that is placed upon us, to weave into a post worthy of reading. Over the years, many of these challenges have shown my lack of writing ability, and have highlighted why I do not do this blogging thing, on a more professional level. I still stand firm, that when I say I am a blogger, I feel like a phony, because I know some awesome bloggers, and to be labeled the same as them, just does not seem accurate. 

Every so often I get a prompt, and I may or may not do it justice, but the prompt itself sparks something in my soul, that makes me feel like I am doing exactly what I should be doing. I cannot accurately describe it, so I won't even try. Just know, that when I read this prompt, my soul was on fire with excitement to write about this. 

Any of my friends, mostly those who knew younger me, the me before life sort of beat me down, and turned me into this new me, that is not quite the old me, but is also not quite not the old me, would read this prompt, and probably have a flashback to a conversation with me. I used to love to talk about random topics with friends. I especially loved playing twenty questions, or simply just asking the most random conversation starters ever, and one of my most favorite questions, has always been the stranded on a deserted island question. I almost think it is safe to say, that it was my absolute favorite question.

Over the years, I have answered the question many different ways. As my life changes, as I change, as the world changes, so to does my answer. I think the very first time I ever answered this question, I said something like "My favorite book, a bottle of water, and my walkman", and then my friend gave their answer, and it included survival items. It was in the moment, that I first ever really analyzed the question, and over the years, I have analyzed it so many more times. I do not know how many times I have answered this question, but I am fairly confident that I have never given the same answer twice.

One of the more memorable times I answered, was when my friend and I were just randomly answering questions. He answered first, and his answer was very well thought out. We could have five items, not just three, and his answer included items to help him get rescued, as well as items to help him survive on the island. Now, I like to get under my friend's skin, and I am really good at it, and when he set the guidelines for our answers to the question, he left some loopholes. So, my fifth item was a bottle with my very own genie inside. He nearly lost his mind arguing with me, but in the end, agreed it was not against the rules. That was probably the best answer I have ever given to this question.

Today, as I ponder an answer, I have three things that immediately pop into my mind, but when answering this question, I never give my first thought answers. I give my analyzed answers. So, let's analyze...
If my cell would have service, then definitely that, so I could call for help. However, cell service is never a guarantee, so chances are that would be a wasted item. Though, if I were tech savvy, I could probably use it to create a working communication device, but let's face it, I am clueless. So, I definitely think cell phone is out.

With my OCD being what it is, I need to keep in mind sanitary conditions. It will be hard, but I can do my best. One thing that would definitely be helpful, is a complete pot/pan/utensils/knives set. One like you can by all boxed up. So, I want a boxed up Pioneer woman pot/pan/utensil/knives set. I wanted to go with Rachael Ray, but Ree has beautiful designs, and I think they would cheer me up. So, I definitely want this as one of my three. Having proper cookware, will enable me to keep things sanitary enough, that I do not go insane. Plus, let's face it, I will need all the help I can get in the cooking department. Having cooking materials I am accustomed to, will be a massive help. 

Of course my mind immediately goes to books. Reading will definitely help, and in dire circumstances, they can help keep fires going. However, my soul sort of hurts at the thought of burning books, and I should be able to have plenty of burn material. Plus, if it rains, the books would be destroyed. I have my mind and imagination, and they can handle the entertainment factor, so I would say books are not the best idea.

I also immediately think Chad and Gigi. I would not want to be without them. Logic then kicks in. I will probably struggle just to keep myself safe. Having two more people to worry about, may not  be wise. Plus, if anything ever happened to either of them, it would ruin me. Also, if I am lucky, with them home safe and sound, they will lead efforts to find me, and not give up until they do. So, it is probably best they stay home.

Now, I have never been camping. So this whole experience is going to be difficult on me. One thing that is certain, I need a safe home base. A place where I can be as safe as possible. A place I can lay my head and rest. I think I would be good at building boobie traps around my home base, to alert me of anyone or anything approaching. I just worry I won't be able to build adequate bedding. So, I think it would be wise to have one of the tent kits. They one with the tent, blanket, pillow, and weather proof sheet. This way, I could have a great place to rest and relax. The boobie traps would help protect me while I am asleep. 

So, I have cooking and sleeping/protection from the elements covered. One more thing. One more item that would be best at helping me survive my time on the island. 

Well, the other thing that comes to mind is health. Health is incredibly important. So, I would definitely want a fully stocked first aid kit, enclosed in a large, weather proof container. I want it fully stocked.... Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, band aids, liquid band aid, splints, medical tapes of all sizes, ace bandages, tweezers, those break and freeze ice packs, those break and warm compresses, Neosporin, Calamine lotion, Tums, Tylenol, my medicines, suture kit, gauze, iodine, Benadryl, my inhalers, burn salve, aloe, sunscreen, etc etc Anything and everything you would want in a first aid kit.

I don't have anything to entertain myself, but hopefully, I will survive.

Now, before anyone comments... Yes, I considered every single type of coffee maker. I just could not figure out a way to work it or make it beneficial. So, here is to hoping withdrawal isn't too terrible.

What would you bring?! Am I dumb for not choosing Matt Damon?! I feel slightly dumb.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring August's Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a drink, and check them all out. See you there:

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