Friday, September 7, 2018

Mama said #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to September's Secret Subject Swap. This week eight bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else, and were assigned a secret subject, to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:
My mother used to tell me...

It was submitted by: (Thank you, Dawn!!)

I wish I had some profound thing to reveal. I don't. I was raised by my father, for most of my life, and then briefly by my mother. I went my own way, during my teen years. Thanks to the cysts in my head, I have a foggy memory, for most things.

My Dad said "Buckle up, I love you" when I was young, and we would get in the car. I would say the same to him. He also said "I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck" to me so many times. 

My mom, when referring to a number that was large, she would say "more ____ than Carter has little liver pills". That has always stuck with me. She would also tell me, she hoped I would one day have a kid, and that my kid would give me ten times more grief than she gave me. I lucked out, so far, with Gigi being a pretty great kid. 

My adoptive mum Rosemary always reminded me, that my hardships did not matter. I would overcome anything. Just offer my struggles up, and keep on keeping on.

I think, to be honest, it is what my parents did, their actions, that have stuck with me more than anything they ever said.

I did have a wonderful Aunt Helen. She told me to always wearing my good underwear, when going out, just in case I am in an accident, and the rescue workers need to see my undergarments. She also told me that ladies never say fart. To this day, I do not say that word. I say a ton of other words, and most days wish she had added those to the list. I loved her very much, and miss her, but her memory lives on in my heart.

So, tell me.... What were you told by a parent/mentor/coach/Aunt/Uncle/fellow human, that has stuck with you all these years?

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  1. Aww Jules thank you for sharing. I'm sorry your mother said that to you about kids. Gigi is lucky to have you and vice versa. Sometimes bitter people speak negativity into our lives but we have the choice to overcome it, rise above and be better. I'm glad you chose that road.
    My dad always said, "you grew up with nothing and that's all you'll ever have". He was wrong. I have everything. My life, my faith, friends, family, a supportive community of bloggers and so much more.

  2. Always wear the good underwear, seems to be a classic - even though nobody ever told me, and to be honest I don't have a lot of "good underwear", I like them washed out and comfy ;-)
    My Dad repeated some things that seemed super important to him: don't sing while eating, don't fidget - looking back he basically asked us to behave as we weren't there?!
    My Mom didn't have specific advice, but she taught us to overlook mean behavior in other kids as they were probably having a hard time trying to fit in. I have to mention that she was a kindergarten teacher, so she actually knew what she was talking about.
    While my Godmother didn't tell me anything specific that I can remember, she treated me as an equal which made me feel great. She didn't have kids on her own, so she just figured she'd talk to me as she would with a halfway decent grown-up.
    You're saying one important thing: it's not what they say, but the way they behave that makes an impression: action speaks louder than words!

  3. Lots of great old sayings (I'd heard many of them myself) from a number of important people in your life.

  4. My dad's favorite, "You got kids, you ain't got nothin'" and "Let me love you long distance for awhile." Mom was just, "Go Play"!

  5. My mom always told me my face was gonna stick that way; but so far, so good!



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