Friday, February 15, 2019

What?! #FlyOnTheWall

Welcome to February's Fly on the Wall Round-Up. This is a blogging challenge, hosted by Karen of Baking in a Tornado, where bloggers get together and give readers a glimpse into our homes. We talk about things you would have seen or heard, had you been a fly on the wall in our homes.

So, here we go....


Gigi, while pointing to a bump on her cheek: Look, Mama, I got my first pimple.
Me: Cool.
Gigi, while rubbing the bump: Isn't it cute. Do you have any?
Me: Have you looked at my face?! I have tons. The steroids give me huge ones. LOOK *points to like three*
Gigi: I filled mine with love, because I love it. You should wish love into yours.
Me: Come talk to me in ten years.
Gigi: Why? I am talking to you now.

*three minutes later*

Gigi: Do you name your pimples?
Me: No. I try to not get too attached.
Gigi: Oh. Well, I decided to name this one Taylor Swift.
Me: Lovely. Great name. I am sure its namesake would be flattered.
Gigi: Huh?
Me: We will revisit this in ten years.

Gigi: Are you obsessed with ten years?!


Some background.... Since my pregnancy with Kateri, I have been unable to drink/eat dairy. Gigi has been unable to have dairy since birth. Chad, really should NOT have dairy. It really messes with his tummy, and makes him smell horrendous. However, he will have dairy all the time. He apparently does not mind the pain, bad trips to the bathroom, and the horrendous smell. I think he is crazy, and almond milk is yummy. He recently found out his cholesterol is high, and has made some changes to what he brings to work for breakfast and lunch. One change was he switched from bagels to Cheerios. 

I received a letter in the mail about truancy. Gigi had to  miss some days after my dad passed away, and then she missed other days due to some health issues. However, I went into the office the next day, and cleared it all up. I did use the letter as a teaching moment. I explained to Gigi about truancy, and how important attendance is. She has hit her second half of the school year funk, and mornings are rough. She does not want to get up, and does not want to go to school. It is a struggle. On the days I am not feeling my best, the struggle is almost too much. So, I explained how if she was decided to be guilty of truancy, one of her parents could end up in jail, or we would have to pay more money than we could afford. Now, whenever she is struggling in the morning, I remind her about the importance of attendance, and if needed, I tell her I am too pretty for jail.

Gigi asked if she could have cereal. Chad made her a bowl, and she was happily eating, and we were just sorta talking about random stuff.

Chad: By the way, I bought Costco milk. 
Me: Oh okay.
Chad: Yeah, 2%.
Me: Wait. What?! Chad, you should not do that. It is going to kill your stomach, and you will stink your coworkers out of the building.
Chad: I don't smell THAT bad. (He totally does smell THAT bad. I think anyone in those circumstances smells THAT bad.)
Me, realizing Gigi is having the Costco milk in her cereal: Wait! You did not get 2%!
Chad: I did. It isn't that bad. It is better than whole milk.
Me: No! It isn't about which is best! Gigi cannot have dairy!!!
Chad: Yeah, so?
Me: 2% is dairy!
Chad: No, 2% lactose free.
Me: Oh. Costco has lactose free? I have never seen it.
Chad: Yeah. It is with the other milk.
Gigi: So this isn't dairy?! 
Chad: No, not dairy.
Gigi, wiping her brow: Phew. That is good. If I had dairy I would have to be in the hospital, and I would miss school, and mom would go to jail. We don't want that.
Chad: Real dairy milk coming right up.
Me: Hey, don't tempt me. I will keep her home tomorrow and just go to jail.
*Chad and I look at each other, and just get wide eyed and grin, because we both realize Gigi does not even have school the next day, and she does not know she does not have to go to school, since I did not tell her, so we could just maintain our normal routine, and have things go smoothly*
Gigi: Mom, I would protect you. I would tell the cop that he cannot take my mom.
Me: Then you would be in jail with me. 
Gigi: Okay. That sounds okay.
Me: Or I could just make Dad go to jail. It does not have to be ME.

So, yes. I was the terrible mom. I made this big deal. We woke up as usual, since I wanted to keep our normal routine. I made a big deal about saying.... Ehhhh... It feels like a good day to just stay in bed and watch movies. She was the one who did the truancy speech. I just told her to let me worry about the cops. She honestly took it so well. She was saying things like... Well, mom, when the cops come, I will explain to them that I really need you, so then they will just leave you with me... Mom, will the cops put you in handcuffs? Can I touch the handcuffs? Will you ride in the police car? Can I ride in it?.... Twice, when there were sounds like someone knocked, she literally ran to open the door. At those times, I said that she should not be so eager to get rid of me. She explained she just wanted to be the first to the door, so she could explain why they cannot take me.

Overall, she was really very okay with it all. I think it hurt my feelings a tiny bit, that she was not more upset. Though,  I honestly think she believed she would be able to convince the cop to let me stay with her. When she grew impatient about waiting for the cops, I finally told her that she had the day off (President Lincoln's birthday). I explained to her that I had fixed the truancy problem, but that she still needed to have really good attendance for the rest of the year. I had hoped for some funny reactions or some drama. Overall, my prank of a lifetime was mostly a dud. Though, hearing her lecture me about truancy, the same as I lecture her, did show me that at least she does listen.

We ended the day with a discussion about President Lincoln, slavery, and The Emancipation Proclamation. I was so proud of her reactions. She was outraged at the thought of slavery. She did not like the idea of owning people at all, and she really hated the idea that any human is better than another human. She made it very clear that every skin color is beautiful to her, and that she would never own a slave. I was grateful to not have to teach her equality. She is five and just knows by instinct, that we are all equal, and everyone deserves to be treated well. It also helped back up my long held belief, that hate and prejudice are taught, we are not born with it.


Gigi: Mom, how did you have me, if you and Daddy aren't married?
Me: We just did.
Gigi: I don't understand. How can you have a baby when you aren't married?
Me: You do not have to be married to have a baby.
Gigi: Oh. What do you have to be?
Me: An adult.
Gigi: So any adult can have a kid?
Me: Pretty much. It is complicated, as are so many things, but pretty much anyone can be a parent.
Gigi: Well, I am so happy you are my parent.
Me: I am so happy too!!
Gigi: So getting married does not teach you how to have a baby?
Me: Nope.
Gigi: Your body just knows how to have a baby.
Me: Yep. It is an instinct.
Gigi: What is an I stinked? Is it a bad smell?
Me: No. It is just something that you are born with, that is ingrained in you.... Look, this is way too complicated for a five year old. I will explain it when you are a bit older.
Gigi: Okay. Like when I am forty seventeen?
Me: Yes, that sounds like the perfect time.
Gigi: So, are you ever going to marry my daddy?
Me: Maybe one day. That is complicated.
Gigi: Life has so much complicated.
Me: True story, Kid. True story.


Gigi has this new thing she does, that I LOVE! I really want to try to capture it on video. Whenever she does something super cute, or says something wise beyond her years, or anything in general, that causes her dad and I to look at her in awe or amusement... she will shrug and do this cute smile and says "What?!". It is something I hope I never forget. It is beyond adorable. I wish she could see herself through my eyes, so she could know just how amazing she is. 


Gigi: Don't worry, Mother. I can do this.
Me: I am your mom. It is my job to worry.
Gigi: Well, don't worry.
Me: I am going to worry, deal with it.
Gigi: You worry too much. It makes me worry about you.
Me: You're worried that I am worried?
Gigi: Yes.
Me: I am worried, that you are worried, that I am worried.
Gigi: *facepalms*
Me: Yes, I am definitely worried that you are worried that I am worried that you are worried about me worrying about worrisome things.
Gigi: Mom, please just do not worry.
Me: I told you, I am your mother, and it is my job to worry.
Gigi: You need a new job.


Gigi, while holding her stuffed fox: Look at her tail. It looks just like fire.
Me: It does.
Gigi: I think I am going to change her name to Fire. Fire Fox. 
Me: Cool.
Gigi: Fire Fox. Is that a good name?
Me: Yep, it is pretty good.
Gigi: I think so too. I am so good at picking out names.
Me: You are.
Gigi: I bet nobody has ever even heard the name Fire Fox before.
Me, laughs.
Gigi: What?!
Me: Oh, nothing.


Gigi: I am going to change my name.
Me: You can't.
Gigi: Why not? 
Me: You are not an adult. You are stuck with your name for eighteen years. Once you turn eighteen, you can go and change it.
Gigi: Well, I am changing it.
Me: Why? Your name is pretty, and it suits you. It wasn't the name I wanted for you, but I honestly think it is a good name.
Gigi: Well, I think it is not the best. I think I can name myself better.
Me: Oh yeah?! Well, what would you name yourself?
Gigi: Elizabeth.
Me: No.
Gigi: Why not?
Me: I am your mother, and I said no.
Gigi: Well, one day, when I am an adult, I won't have to listen to you.
Me: You already don't listen to me.
Gigi: Well, I really won't listen to you, when I am a grown up adult.
Me: Okay, Elizabeth.
Gigi: That is not my name.
Me: I was practicing for the future.
Gigi: Well, I changed my mind. I am not going to name my name Elizabeth.
Me: What will your new name be?
Gigi: Princess Bridgette Rose Flower Glitter.
Me: That is quite the name.
Gigi: I cannot wait until I am a grown up adult. I won't have to listen to you or dad and I will have the most beautiful name ever.


During a political discussion, Chad said that he hasn't be paying attention to the political news lately, and mentioned that he isn't worried about the election right now, it is too early yet. 

Me: You should be worried. As a human you should be worried, and most importantly as a father you should be worried. You have two daughters!
Gigi: Three. He has three daughters.
Chad: I have two daughters.
Me: He has two.
Gigi: He has me. That's one. He has Kateri and he has Embee. Embee is his daughter. He has three.
Me: No. He has two. 
Gigi: How?
Me: He isn't Kateri's Daddy.
*Chad and I give each other that look, like oh boy here comes a complicated conversation*
Chad: I have two. You and Embee.
Gigi: Just two.
Me: Kateri's Dad's name is Maurice.
Gigi: Oh cool.
Me: Yeah, it is a pretty cool name.
*Gigi goes back to playing. I am yet again amazed at how she can just keep things simple, and accept things as they are. She doesn't judge. So often she approaches a topic, and I get all tense, getting ready for a difficult chat, and she just really processes things maturely, and doesn't complicate things more than necessary. I swear she is already more like a mature adult, than I am at times.*


I try to teach Gigi to be a good person. I teach her the golden rules and the basic life lessons, I feel we all need to know. She has really gotten a great grasp on "Two wrongs do not make a right" lately, and hearing her say it, really warms my heart. She has been working hard on how she reacts to things. I think we could all learn some great lessons from her.


As I had spoken about before, I am working hard on not yelling. I HATE to yell. Well, I have been doing really well. I am still a work in progress, but I have honestly done so well. It is so rare I yell lately. Maybe once a week. Gigi has asked me several times when I was going to start yelling again. Apparently, she misses it. Yelling made me feel like an absolute failure as a mom, and this is her reaction to me no longer yelling.

I decided to start a new tradition for Valentine's Day. I want us to each tell each other one thing we LOVE about them.

Me to Gigi: I love your ability to make people laugh so genuinely.
Me to Chad: I love your smile.

Gigi to me: I love your yelling.
Gigi to Chad: I love your smile too.

Chad to Gigi: I love your eyelashes.
Chad to me: I love your heart... That you put others first before yourself, though sometimes that is not a good thing.

*Saying we should each include Lil Bit*
Me to Bit: I love your loyalty to my blanket.
Gigi to Bit: I love your ability to scare the cats away.
Chad to Bit: I love your spunk and feisty-ness. 


We do not have the funniest of households, nor the most interesting or eventful of households, but we do have love. Lots and lots of love.

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into our house. Hopefully you all have a fabulous week, and I hope your weekend is AMAZING. I am just hoping our weekend is dry. It has been raining a lot here. I do love the rain, and know we need the water, but raining means no doing laundry for us. Our washer and dryer are outside, and the enclosure for them has not been built yet, so they are covered with a lot of tarps. We cannot use them on rainy days, and there has been so much rain, laundry is piling up. I would love a dry weekend, so we can get our laundry done. That or for a laundry enclosure to magically appear.

Do not forget to go check out what is happening in the other houses!! I will meet you there, after I get some more coffee!!

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  1. I remember giving up yelling many years ago. I switched to whispering when the kids were little. They listened so much better because they wanted to hear what I had to say and didn't tune it out. It works!

  2. When your house has a lot of love, what else could you ask for? Gigi said something that everyone should have stitched on a pillow: "Life has so much complicated." What a sweetheart.

  3. I know that her name suits her, but then so does Princess Bridgette Rose Flower Glitter. And my favorite comment is the one about you needing a new job!



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