Friday, November 30, 2018

Xtraordinary #FunnyFriday

Welcome to November's Funny Friday!! Every month, a blogger submits a photo, with no explanation or back story, and the participating bloggers create captions or thoughts, the picture brings to mind. It's all done in hopes of bringing some laughter your way. 

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Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Dawn of Cognitive Script.
1. Husband to Wife: Well, if that isn't a sign from God that you're a terrible driver I don't know what is. 
Wife to Husband: It's a sign that I'm an excellent driver. 
Husband: Uh huh. 
Wife: An extraordinary driver, to be exactly. 
Husband: Uh huh. 
Wife: An exceptionally great driver, if you will. 
Husband: Uh huh. 
Wife: One could even say, I'm an exemplary driver. 
Husband: Alright. You planned this, didn't you?! 
Wife: Shrugs and smiles. 

2. Passenger: Why are you getting over?! The lane is exed out. 
Driver: Dude, x marks the spot. 
Passenger: That's not how this works. 

3. Son to mom: Mom! Mom! Get over into that lane! 
Mom: Why would I do that?! 
Son: There's an x marking it. That has to be where the treasure is. 
Mom: There's no treasure there. 
Son: We'll never know, unless we look. 
Mom: I can't really argue with that logic. 

4. GPS: Merge right. 
Driver: Don't think that's possible. 
GPS: Recalculating. Please take the next left in two hundred feet. 
Driver, looking: Into the lake? I don't think so buddy. 
5. Anyone else see signs saying not to do something or not to go somewhere ,and your first reaction, is to want to live on the wild side?! No?! Just me?! 
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  1. First one is definitely my favorite. I can hear that conversation happening between Hubs and I.



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